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Shatter Leads To Invention

John Marino

It was dead flat calm when we went to cut down our crop at daybreak on a late September morning. We developed our own breed that would mature with frosty nugs before frost in Manitoba Canada. Shatter was the new craze, and we would turn our outdoor crop into golden shatter. What a task! Holding a frozen glass extraction tube, breathing butane vapors, and holding a virtual bomb in your hands seemed like a risky sacrifice to make shatter, especially if you are repeating this process several times. We read reports of numerous fires, damage to personal property and grave personal injury to people because of the dangers of BHO extraction.
My brother came up with an idea to create a device that would automatically dispense butane into the extraction tube by pressing a lever, allowing the user to stand away at a safe distance while the dispensing takes place. It worked so well and was so simple and safe that we know we had to share this with others who are making oils and shatters. Our prototype was used for three seasons without a flaw. John quickly got the design patented and continued to improve the model for final production. The Green Machine Isobutane dispenser is an invention that automatically completes the dangerous process of extracting BHO